beta pictoris gallery / Maus Contemporary is a contemporary art gallery and space dedicated to supporting creativity with a focus on experimental and issue driven works. Through representing emerging, established, and internationally recognized artists, the gallery is committed to bringing a global perspective to contemporary issues and practices across the visual arts. The program consists of exhibitions, print publications, and media outreach.

beta pictoris gallery is a member of ICI, Independent Curators International, New York, a supporting member of the BMA, The Birmingham Museum of Art, and its Collectors Circle for Contemporary Art, as well as its Sankofa Society, a support group for African and African American Art.
beta pictoris gallery is also a supporting member of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA).

We're excited to announce our participation at this year's Volta NY art fair
March 6 - 9, at 82 Mercer in SoHo

BOOTH 2.28

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BURNAWAY ARTSpeak interview with beta pictoris gallery owner Guido Maus
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