beta pictoris is excited to announce our participation at VOLTA 10 in Basel, Switzerland
June 16 - 21   Booth# D10
Clayton Colvin, Eugene James Martin, Leslie Smith III, and
Odili Donald Odita

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eta pictoris is excited to announce our participation at this year's Pulse NY art fair
May 8 - 11   Booth# B8
Clayton Colvin, Charles Lutz, Leslie Smith III, and
Travis Somerville

Mark Flood's exhibition FACEBOOK FARM at beta pictoris gallery
one of the finalists AICA's 2013

"Best Show in a Commercial Space Nationally" Award

Clayton Colvin's New York exhibition "Put Down Your Stars" at Margaret Thatcher Projects ARTFORUM critics' pick
three articles on Travis Somerville's exhibition  American Rhetoric

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Travis Somerville's Rhetorical Assertions
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An antidote to nostalgia
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Racism? Art? Or both?

beta pictoris gallery's booth at the 2014 Volta NY art fair highlighting gallery artist Willie Cole's work
with a solo booth presentation of selected works, spanning 25 years of practice by the artist.

Don't miss beta pictoris gallery artist Clayton Colvin's New York exhibitions "Put Down Your Stars" at Margaret Thatcher Projects and "slow your instruments" at Launch F18, both exhibitions run through through April 26

Margaret Thatcher Projects is located at 539 West 23 St in Chelsea

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Launch F18 is located at 373 Broadway
(between White and Franklin), 6th floor

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Jelili Atiku included in Marrakech Biennale
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photograph by Jude Anogwih

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Peter Fox AUTONOMIC (TRACY VOLKSWAGEN) paintings, along with all 10 seasons (152 episodes!!) of TRACY VOLKSWAGEN TV, are now online - click on above pic and check it out!

Clayton Colvin review in Art in America
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Willie Cole FIRE/FLY review in WELD
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BURNAWAY ARTSpeak interview with beta pictoris gallery owner Guido Maus

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beta pictoris gallery / Maus Contemporary is proud to announce the representation of the Estate of Eugene James Martin (1938 - 2005)
The Estate of Eugene James Martin (1938 - 2005)


Eugene Martin (1938-2005) is best known for his imaginative, complex mixed media collages on paper, his often gently humorous pencil and pen and ink drawings, and his paintings on paper and canvas that may incorporate whimsical allusions to animal, machine and structural imagery among areas of "pure", constructed, biomorphic, or disciplined lyrical abstraction. Martin called many of his works straddling both abstraction and representation "satirical abstracts”.


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Leslie Smith III solo show
I Dream Too Much
at the
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

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John Bankston included in OCMA / Orange County Museum of Art's
California-Pacific Triennial 2013

curated by Dan Cameron

June 30 - November 17, 2013

Jack Whitten included in 55th Venice Biennale, The Encyclopedic Palace in Venice, Italy.
curated by Massimiliano Gioni

June 1 - November 24, 2013

Jarrod Beck: Strike-Slip at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

Curated by Hesse McGraw and on view through August 31


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Mark Flood FACEBOOK FARM video on youtube

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Mark Flood FACEBOOK FARM video on vimeo

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Pete Schulte in Chelsea, NYC

Steven Bindernagel @ CRG gallery, Chelsea, NY

Shana Robbins @ Lexington Art League, KY

Jarrod Beck @ artcurrent, Tribeca, NY

Mark Flood @ Home Alone, Tribeca, NY

Peter Fox @nuartlink, Westport, CT

Derek Cracco @ docs, New Orleans, LA

Jarrod Beck at Socrates Sculpture Park, LIC, NY

Mark Flood @ Zach Feuer, Chelsea, NY

Willie COLE
Clayton COLVIN 
Susanna STARR

Sowage Study

Willie Cole, rare Stowage Study, 1997

red ink, and red tape on paper
ca. 56 1/4 by 104 3/4 in.

Starr three studies

Susanna Starr, Three untitled Studies, 2001

synthetic sponge, acrylic paint, and cord
each appox. 6 by 5 by 5 in.

Clayton SanFran

Clayton Colvin, Field and Stream, 2012

graphite, charcoal, and acrylic on linen
ca. 18 by 22 in.

Cracco SanFran

Derek Cracco, Cocked and loaded, 2003

digital print, vinyl, and resin on panel
24 by 36 in.


Deborah Karpman, Fiver VIII, 2010

collage on paper
6 by 6 in.

The ArtPadSF Contemporary Art Fair comes to San Francisco May 17-20, an independent hotel-based art fair focusing on emerging and contemporary galleries and artists at the legendary Phoenix Hotel.

"The Phoenix is the quintessential place to host an independent art fair," ArtPadSF Director Maria Jenson notes. "It's an oasis located in a San Francisco neighborhood that's on the edge, and for many artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, exploring the areas just outside of our comfort zones or what we recognize as familiar, is often the most invigorating way to find hidden treasures.  Collecting can be fun and need not be limited to the exceptionally affluent. It can also be as much about the hunt as it is the find. ArtPadSF is an adventure-for us as producers, for our exhibiting galleries and artists, for our partners and sponsors, and hopefully for ArtPadSF visitors."


The Phoenix Hotel is located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, a hotbed for the city's emerging artists.  Perhaps the last frontier of SF's ever-expanding gentrification trend, you can still stumble upon unpolished gems in the forms of incredible cooking, unpredictable bar scenes, mom-and-pop stores, great live music and a thriving art community.  This area is also home to Twitter HQ, Grey Area Foundation for the Arts and Asian Art Museum, and is in close proximity to the most recognizable art institutions of the city, such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA).