The Estate of Eugene James Martin

The Estate of Eugene James Martin (1938 - 2005)
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beta pictoris gallery / Maus Contemporary now represents the Estate of Eugene J. Martin (1938 - 2005).

Eugene Martin is best known for his imaginative, complex mixed media collages on paper, his often gently humorous pencil and pen and ink drawings, and his paintings on paper and canvas that may incorporate whimsical allusions to animal, machine and structural imagery among areas of "pure", constructed, biomorphic, or disciplined lyrical abstraction. Martin called many of his works straddling both abstraction and representation "satirical abstracts”.

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1960's work

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1980's work

1990's work

2000's work

Eugene J. Martin Bio

(b. 24 July 1938, Washington D.C. – d. 1 January 2005, Lafayette LA)

1960-1963. Attended the Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC.

Select One-Two-Three Person Shows:
2014. (upcoming) Favorite Blues, beta pictoris gallery, Birmingham, AL
2013. ASC Project Space @ Gallery 304 (526 W 26 St, room 304), Chelsea, NY.  Satirical Abstraction: Works of Eugene J. Martin. July 19 - Sept. 30 (solo show). Curated by Ayn S. Choi.
2012. Masur Museum of Art: Monroe, LA.  Improvisations in Time: Eugene J. Martin and the Masur Museum of Art. Aug. 4-Oct. 25 [68 works of art] (solo show).  Curated by Benjamin Hickey.
2012. Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art: Biloxi, MS. The Art of Eugene Martin: A Great Concept. June 5-Dec. 1 [39 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Barbara Johnson Ross and Denny Mecham.
2011. New Orleans African American Museum: New Orleans, LA. Dancing String Bean: Paintings and Drawings by Eugene Martin. Apr 6-Sept. 17 [29 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Marie Vinouze.
2011. Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Shaw Center for the Arts: Baton Rouge, LA. Beyond Black: Ed Clark, Eugene Martin and John T. Scott.  January 30-May 8 [16 works of art] (3 person show). Curated by Natalie Mault.  Beyond Black in Context, Gallery talk by Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Feb. 3, 2011.
2009. Cajun Spice Gallery, Lafayette LA:  Eugene J. Martin: Spice of Life. Nov 14-Dec 10 [32 works of art] (solo show).
2009. Acadiana Center for the Arts, side gallery: Lafayette LA. Eugene Martin in Black and White. Jan 10-31. [75 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Rose Macaluso Courville.
2008. Chico Municipal Building Art Gallery: Chico, CA.  Jerry Harris & Eugene Martin. Jan. 15-Feb. 29 (two person show).
2007. Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Jo Love Little Gallery: Ocean Springs MS. Eugene James Martin: Man of Color. June 22-Sept 30 [33 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Patricia Pinson.
2007. LSU Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery, Shaw Center for the Arts: Baton Rouge LA. Eugene James Martin: Works on Paper. June 2-30 [41 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Malia Krolak.
2007. Alexandria Museum of Art: Alexandria LA. Eugene Martin: Retrospective.  April 13-June 30 [113 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Anne Reid.
2006. Stowitts Museum: Pacific Grove CA.  Eugene Martin and all that Jazz. Sept 14-Dec [75 works of art] (solo show).
2006. University of Louisiana Dupré Gallery: Lafayette LA. Works by Eugene Martin. March 1-Apr 28 [36 works of art] (solo show).
2006. Black Heritage Gallery,  McNeese State University: Lake Charles LA. Eugene Martin. March 16-Apr 28; curated by Stella Jones Gallery, New Orleans LA [22 works of art] (solo show).
2006. Ema's: Lafayette LA.  Art by Eugene J. Martin. Feb 19-June 11 [30 works of art] (solo show).
2006. 307 Club downtown: Lafayette LA.  Remembering Eugene Martin. March 11-29 [11 works of art] (solo show).
2005. Cité des Arts: Lafayette LA.  Eugene J. Martin: Two Years in the Life of an Artist: 1978 and 2002. Aug 8-Sept 10 [28 works of art] (solo show).
2005. Café des Amis: Breaux Bridge LA. Eugene Martin. Jul 18-Sept 11 [29 works of art] (solo show).
2005. Acadiana Center for the Arts: Lafayette LA. Ornithology. Jan 25-Apr 10 [69 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Brian Guidry.
2005. Clementine's: New Iberia LA. Burned Toast and cheese, Jan.-Apr [83 works of art] (solo show).
2004. Galerie Lafayette: Lafayette LA.  The Gravy Train People and their Pets, Sept 8- Oct 19 [122 works of art] (solo show). Curated by Brian Guidry and Stephanie Patton.
2000. Opelousas Art Museum: Opelousas LA: NOMA Paintings Exhibit at OMA: Louisiana Contemporary Paintings by E.J. Martin & F. Pavy. May 18-Aug. 30 (two person show).
2000. Zigler Museum: Jennings LA: Acrylics on paper and canvas by E.J. Martin & C. Simms. 15 Jan-20 Feb (two person show).
1996. Cultural Center Oudenaarde: Oudenaarde, Belgium. Eugene J. Martin, USA. Drawings and paintings. May 31-June 14 [54 works of art] (solo show).
1994. Lilly Gallery, Duke University: Durham NC. Eugene Martin. Acrylic paintings on paper. Sept 12-Oct 24 (solo show).
1992. Horace Williams House: Chapel Hill NC.  Art by Eugene Martin. Sept 6-30 [43 works of art] (solo show).
1990. Michel Rooryck Gallery: Ghent, Belgium.  Eugene Martin: A Retrospective. Jan 12-Feb 11 [49 works of art] (solo show).
1988. DC Art Works: Washington DC. Eugene Martin's paintings on silk reproduced in Udaipur, India. Sept-Oct (solo show).
1988. DC Art Works: Washington DC. Eugene Martin's  pen & ink drawings and paintings on silk reproduced in Udaipur, India. Aug (solo show).
1983. Decorative Art Department - Bloomingdales: Falls Church VA. Eugene Martin paintings (sold out) (solo show).
1982. Decoration of Restaurant 'The Breadoven': Washington DC. Paintings by Eugene Martin on silk reproduced in Udaipur, India (solo show).
Select Group Shows:
2013. Parish Gallery: Washington D.C. Group of Gallery Artists. Feb. 1- Feb. 26.
2012. Acadiana Center for the Arts: Lafayette, LA.  Reconfigure: Transformations of the Body. Aug. 11-Oct. 13 [17 works of art]. Curated by Mary Beyt and Brian Guidry.
2010. Parish Gallery, Washington DC. Summer Group Show.  July 16-Sept. 14.
2009. Cecil College, MD. In Remembrance: Artists from the Paul R. Jones Collection. Jan. 17-Feb. 23 [3 artworks].
2008. University of Delaware Museum, Mechanical Hall Galleries: In Remembrance: Artists from the Paul R. Jones Collection. Jan. 22-May 23 [3 artworks]. Curated by Janet Dees.
2006. Galerie Lafayette: Lafayette LA. Louisiana Gumbo. Summer [8 artworks]. Curated by Troy Dugas.
2005. Ogden Museum of Southern Art: New Orleans, LA. Spirit of Place - Art from Acadiana.  May 5-Jul 24 [3 artworks]. Curated by David Houston.
2005. Ogden Museum of Southern Art: New Orleans LA. African-American artists from the permanent collection. July 28-Sept 24 [1 painting].
2004-2005. Acadiana Center for the Arts: Lafayette LA. Spirit of Place - Art from Acadiana.  Oct 16-Jan 10 [3 artworks]. Curated by David Houston.
1994. Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission, Exhibit at  Town Hall: Chapel Hill NC. Sept 11-Dec. 11 [2 artworks].
1994. Meredith College: Raleigh NC (Sixteenth Annual Raleigh Fine Arts Society Artists Exhibition). March 20-Apr 25 [2 artworks]
1994. Fridholm Fine Arts Gallery, Broadway Arts Building, Asheville NC. Eugene Martin: Acrylic paintings on paper. [6 artworks].
1993. Fridholm Fine Arts Gallery, Broadway Arts Building: Asheville NC. Eugene Martin: pen & ink drawings. Nov 12-Jan 12 [18 artworks].
1993. Meredith College: Raleigh NC. Fifteenth Annual Raleigh Fine Arts Society Artists Exhibition.  Mar 21-Apr 25 [2 artworks]
1992. Fridholm Fine Arts Gallery, Broadway Arts Building: Asheville NC. Acrylic paintings on paper by Eugene Martin. Apr 10-May 23 [12 artworks]
1991. The Witte Beer Gallery: Bruges, Belgium (summer)
1991. The Gallery, Broadway Arts Building: Asheville NC.  Jul 5-Aug 24 [4 artworks].
1991. Fourth Annual Afro-American Artists Exhibition, High Point Theatre Art Galleries, High Point, North Carolina, May 4-June 28 (Group show).
1991. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Student Union Galleries: Viewpoints: Five Black American Artists. Jan 19-Feb 8 [6 artworks].
1981. Corcoran Gallery of Art: Washington D.C. Works of Art from the Private Collections of the Friends of the Corcoran: 1961-1981. Jan 16-Feb 15 [1 Painting].
1973. Washington Gallery of Art: Washington D.C. Drawings and small works. Feb 17-March 17 [2 artworks]
1973. Ontario Gallery, Washington D.C.
1968. Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington D.C.
1966. Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington D.C.
1966. Ontario Gallery, Washington D.C.
1965. Georgetown Modern Gallery, Washington D.C.
1964. Georgetown Gallery, Washington D.C.
1964. Smith Mason Gallery, Washington D.C.
1961. The Coffee House, Washington D.C.
1960. The Coffee House, Washington D.C.
1959. Montgomery County Fair, MD, Prize winning portrait drawing

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Museum Collections:
Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana (4 artworks)
Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Shaw Center for the Arts, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (31 artworks)
Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana (23 artworks, 2 photographs)
Mobile Art Museum in Mobile, Alabama (5 artworks)
Munich Museum of Modern Art (under Director C. Bastian) (4-5 artworks?), in Munich, Germany
Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana (3 artworks)
Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art in Newark, Delaware (University of Delaware Museums) (4 artworks)
Schomburg Center for Black Culture in New York City, New York (2 artworks)
Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln, Nebraska (2 artworks)
Stowitts Museum in Pacific Grove, California (10 artworks)
Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art in Savannah, Georgia (2 artworks)
Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, Mississippi (2 artworks)
Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi (4 artworks)
Other Public Collections
University of Louisiana at Lafayette KRVS studio (2 artworks)
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center (2 artworks)
Acadiana Center of the Arts (2 artworks)

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Eugene James Martin works of art licence agreement: Estate of the Artist, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Eugene James Martin is included in the Getty Museum's ULAN
Eugene J. Martin is included in the Smithsonian American Art / National Portrait Gallery's Files highlighting African American Artists
Eugene James Martin -- Featured Collection in ARTstor's African and African-American Studies Subject Guide
Eugene J. Martin is a possible answer in online Multiple Choice Quiz From Slavery to Freedom - A History of African Americans, by John Hope Franklin & Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, McGraw Hill Higher Education, ed. 9 e.
Masur Museum of Art Curator Benjamin Hickey's Podcast Weblog Improvisations in Time: Eugene J. Martin and the Masur Museum of Art, Nov. 18, 2012.

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