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Maus  Contemporary





discover Willie Cole's new 3 ft The Worrier bronze, a limited edition of only 5+1AP unique pieces
(each sculpture has its unique color/color combination)

The Worrier

pictured above is no. 3/5 ("polished/brushed bronze" finish) of a limited edition of 5+1AP
ca. 37 3/4 in. by 14 3/4 in. by 20 1/4 in.


AP 1/1 "ink black"


no. 5/5 "ivory white" is SOLD

no. 4/5 "dark red" is SOLD


no. 3/5 "polished/brushed bronze" finish is SOLD


no. 2/5 "dark brown" is SOLD


no. 1/5 "warm black" is SOLD












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